This site is an exercise in documenting all the food, drink and desserts that consume my thoughts 90% of each day. Undaunted by any cooking project and armed with an insane tolerance for a multi-day/multi-step recipe, there’s nothing in the kitchen I won’t tackle. Interested in hosting friends for dinner? I am. You can find top to bottom menus from cocktails and a playlist to dessert and digestifs. An insatiable desire to resurrect and rewrite a complicated pastry recipe from your childhood? I’ve got you there too. It’s not all day long projects though- everyone needs a stack of go-to weeknight recipes. You’ll find everything from a pasta salad recipe that finally was worth documenting, a killer recipe for bar nuts, and plenty of easy, delicious at-home cocktails that take all of 10 minutes to mix up. No matter the time commitment, I focus on fresh, seasonal recipes highlighting delicious ingredients.


A few things about me: I like reading cookbooks cover to cover like best selling novels, Chemex coffee, and a crowded dinner table. I love big specific vocabulary words, hot and perfect french fries, grocery stores and natural wine.

I live just outside of Indianapolis Indiana with my husband Chris (likes include sour cherry pie, problem-solving and cold beer), son Owen (big fan of seafood, the Indy 500 and the french horn), daughter Hazel (partial to warm tomatoes off the vine, Minecraft tutorials on YouTube and long baths) and a lazy retired racing greyhound whose main interest is sleeping in whatever sunny patch she can find.

I’m an enneagram 7, Aries sun/Taurus moon, Acts of Service is my love language, and you probably want me on your trivia team. I’ll bring snacks.